The idea behind this project started one night while I was walking around the Guting district in Taipei. Looking up at the multitude of illuminated billboards and advertising screens I found myself wondering 'is any of this stuff powered by renewable energy?'. That thought got my mind ticking, and I started wondering just how much of Taiwan's total electricity production came from renewables. This project is born out of that thought.

Project aims

The Taiwan Clean Energy Project is an endeavour to track the contribution of low-carbon energy sources to Taiwan's overall energy generation mix. I hope that it will be able to track energy production all the way through to the day Taiwan achieves 100% power generation from clean sources.

Another aim of this project is to get people to start thinking about what they can do as individuals to live more sustainable, low-carbon lives. Head over to the actions section of this website to find information, tips, and suggestions on ways to start.

Who am I?

I'm Fershad Irani, an Aussie who's been living in Taiwan for over 8 years.

I work as a web performance consultant, meaning that I help companies build faster, smoother, better performing web experiences. This work also allows me to make websites more environmentally friendly - because the better optimised a website, the less energy that's required to serve it for each user.

Roadmap & costs

You can find a roadmap of planned website features and content additions in this Notion document. Within the same document, you'll also find a breakdown of any costs incurred while running this project.


Community contributions to this project are welcome. I'd love to hear from you if you:


This project is self-funded. If you'd like to provide financial support, however small, I would really appreciate it! Funds will go towards:

Ways to support

One-time contribution

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Recurring monthly contribution

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