Reduce your footprint

We can all do our part to reduce CO2 emissions through small changes in lifestyle and behaviour. More often than not these changes don't come at a large financial cost, and simply require a small change in mindset or habits.

Here are just a few actions you can take to reduce your personal carbon footprint.

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Plant trees while you search

Protect your privacy, and do a small bit to help the environment while you search online.

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iRent, Wemo, and Goshare scooters parked on the footpath in Taipei.

Use shared transportation

There are a growing number of shared transportation options in Taiwan's major cities. Most are electric-powered and are a convenient, clean way to get around.

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Lobby for action

Lobby governments at the local and national level to adopt climate-focused policies.

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Clear out your inbox

Email makes up a small fraction of an individual's carbon footprint, but it's one that's really easy to cut down.

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Support purpose-driven companies

Spend your dollars on products and services from companies that are committed to social and environmental change.

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There are plenty of good books out there than can help further your knowledge about climate issues and ways you can make a difference.

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There is a multitude of podcasts online that you can listen to and learn more about various facets of the climate crisis, and ways you can act.

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Person pouring oat milk into black coffee.

Change up your coffee

Adding dairy milk to your tea or coffee can triple the carbon footprint of each cup you drink. So if you add milk to your brew, try switching to oat- or soy-based alternatives instead.

Farmer's market in Taiwan

Shop for local produce

Imported fruits and vegetables can have at least twice the carbon footprint of locally grown produce. Imported frozen produce has about a 9x larger carbon footprint.

Bring your own bottle

A 1 litre plastic water bottle has a carbon footprint of about 400g. That's 1000x more carbon intensive than tap water!

Pass on the disposable cup

One disposable coffee cup has around 110g of embodied CO2. If you drink 5 takeaway coffees per week, that's over 28kg annually (just from the cup!).