B Corporation certification logo.
B Corporations are certified on social and environmental performance. Source Bullhorn Creative

Support purpose-driven companies

How and where we spend our money is one of the biggest signals we, as consumers, can send to businesses. As more companies commit to sustainability and net-zero emissions, supporting them with your dollars can send a message to other organisations that these factors matter.

One way to identify purpose-driven companies is by looking for B Corp certification. B Corporation (B Corp) certification is a private certification that is aimed at identifying profit-seeking companies that encorporate maximising social & environmental performance into their overall mission. The program assesses a company’s overall impact across five dimensions of governance, workers, environment, community, and customers.

Over 800 certified B Corporations have committed to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2030. 10 of those companies are here in Taiwan.

What can you do?

Find B Corps in Taiwan (or globally) & support them.

Find companies committed to net-zero by 2030.

If you run a business then take the B Impact Assessment.